Week of December 18th

It is hard to believe how fast this year has gone! This will be the last week before Winter Break starts. Please keep in mind we have half days (12:30 dismissal) Monday-Wednesday.

Rome Project:

As you know, we are on track for Rome Project by now.  Students should have by now turned in their final draft and the tentative schedule regarding what is still to be completed before the presentation on January 8th.

The visual aid will be due on January 8th as it is part of the presentation. I sent out an email with photos of what some of the projects looked like last year. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding what it should entail.

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Conferences will be January 4th-5th. Please locate the link under the parent teacher conferences tab to set up a time that fits your schedule.

A Look at this Week:

ELA: We will have our vocabulary test on Monday, the poem recitation on Tuesday, and we will have a spelling test over 15 words on Wednesday. Students will be given 15 words on Monday.

Math: We will continue to work on multiplication facts.

History: Quiz on Monday and Rome Celebration on Wednesday 🙂

Science: Continuing to work on the Nervous System

Extra Credit:

Over winter break, some parents and students like to continue to work on curriculum. With this in mind, I have always given an extra credit winter break packet (please note this is not required). I will be handing the packets out to students on Monday. It will be due anytime during 3rd quarter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Report Cards:

Report cards will be going out the first week in January please email me if you don’t receive your child’s report card before conferences.

I hope everyone has a restful, relaxing, and joyous the holiday season with friends and family!

happy holidays

See you next year!

~Miss Bowers


Week of December 11th

Dear 3rd Grade Parents:

We have a full week of curriculum this week and next – the last week of the semester is from Mon 12/18 to wed 12/20, and will consist of half days.  We have plenty to keep us busy until then – it will go by fast!

With the colder weather (at last) we are seeing some students arriving at school with jackets and sweaters – a reminder that outer wear cannot be worn in the classroom, only outdoors.  Uniform sweaters and jackets may of course be worn indoors – PLEASE make sure your student’s name is on all outer garments!  They are easily misplaced and difficult to return to rightful owner if not marked (they are all the same!!!)

Missing Assignments:

Thank you for being patient with me with missing assignments. There have been quite a few students who have been missing assignments throughout the last two weeks. I had jury duty on Monday and Mr. Espericueta was out sick the last two days last week. The system is now up to date; therefore, if you see an assignment that says missing still, I do not have it. The black folders will be going home tomorrow. Please make sure to go through the folder with your child and review the material as well as the SLANT information.

Winter Project

As you know, we are on track for Winter Project by now.  Student should have by now turned in a minimal outline, describing the three areas of focus within their subject, as well as a list of sources they are planning to use for their project.  Upcoming deadlines are as follows:

  • Friday, December 8th:  The Rough draft of Project Report was due and handed back to students with corrections.
  • Wednesday, December 13th: Final draft of Project Report due – refer to Project Timeline for details.
  • Friday, December 15th – Tentative work schedule and brief description of your visual aid for your presentation due
  • All materials are due January 8th, 2018. Presentations will take place January 8th– 10th in class.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bulletin Board:

I sent out an email regarding the bulletin board last week. If you would like to participate please do the following:

  • Use this link to choose a recipe to make with your child recipe link
  • Make the item using the recipe
  • Take a photo
  • Bring a copy of the photo and recipe to class to be hung on the bulletin board

Curriculum information for this week:


  • We will have our vocab quiz early in the week, and start going over words for next week’s quiz. All words are being discussed in detail in class, and practiced for homework weekly.
  • We are continuing our reading of Little House on the Prairie, and journaling from writing prompts based on the chapters read. We will be completing the book this week 🙂
  • We are also continuing our reading of The Wind in the Willows, which is the source for all our vocabulary words. The text is helping us learn Literary Traits and New Vocabulary usage.


This week in Math we are learning our Multiplication and division facts by using them in long division, multiplication algorithms, and word problems.


This week we are beginning the study of the Nervous System.


In history we are continuing our study of Rome, and its transition from Republic to Empire, by learning about the various personalities that contributed to its transformation.

As always, please be in touch with any questions or concerns.  Have a pleasant week!

Miss Bowers

Week of November 27th

Dear 3rd Grade Families:

We hope you have had a festive and restful Thanksgiving Break.  We have a –  few more weeks before Winter Break – it is coming up fast!

Here are a few curriculum updates for the coming week:

ELA – This week we will be continuing our reading of Wind in the Willows.  The vocabulary test based on words from the text will be taking place a week from this Tuesday, on 12/5 – we apologize for the confusion on this test – it was postponed due to timing issues.  We are also continuing with our reading of Little House on the Prairie.  Our November Poem recitation will also be taking place this week (11/28).

Math – We will be wrapping up our introduction to long division.  We will be ending the unit on Friday with a test.

History – This week we will be continuing with our Study of Ancient Rome.  We will be gearing up for our first History test coming up Monday 12/4.  A study guide will be going home this Monday.

Science – We will be starting our look at the Skeletal System.

Just a reminder black folders will be going home tomorrow and need to be returned by Tuesday (11/28). Tutoring is cancelled this week and will start back up again next week.

Please be in touch should you have any questions or concerns – have a great week!

The 3rd Grade Team

Week of November 20th

Dear 3rd Grade Parents:

We hope you have had a pleasant weekend, and got all your Thanksgiving shopping done!  As you know, this will be a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and we will only have school Monday and Tuesday.  This will be an R & R weekend, so no homework will be assigned over the break – Happy Thanksgiving!!


Things to know for this week:

ELA: The in-class Spelling Bee is this week!  Third Grade classes will be holding their Bee over the next two days.  We will also be finishing up Chapter 12 of Little House on the Prairie

Maths:  We are continuing to learn strategies for Long Division this shortened week.  We will continue review after the break.

Science: We will be concluding our study of the Muscular System with a short quiz.

History: We will be taking a short pause from our Rome studies to take a look at the historical aspects of the Thanksgiving holiday.


If you are looking for something fun to do over the holiday weekend, the Arizona Science Center has a Pompeii exhibit that would be a great (and fun!) curriculum enriching activity for you third grader!

Our top Read-A-Thon earners will be participating in the Student/Teacher kickball game on Tuesday, congratulations readers!!  Of course, we are rooting for the Student team 😊

I will be sending home performance notices tomorrow as that is the deadline for any missing work over the last 2 weeks. Your child should have looked over the weekend for any of the missing assignments that they had. Today they will be given a new copy, if needed, and will be expected to complete the assignment by tomorrow.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns – have a pleasant and safe Holiday Weekend

be thankful


Miss Bowers

Week of November 13th

Good evening! We hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend. Only 1 1/2 more weeks before our Thanksgiving Break.

We have one very important event this week: The Winter Music Concert! Mrs. Rockmaker, Mrs. Boswell and our students have been working very hard to put on great show. This year, our concert will be held at Higley Center for the Arts. An information sheet was sent out, but please contact us if you have any questions.

In math, we continue to work on multiplication, division and word problems. This week, we begin long division.

In ELA, we continue to read Little House on the Prairie and The Wind and the Willows.

In Science, we continue our exploration of the muscles in the human body.

In History, we are learning more about Rome. Please ensure that your student is staying aware of all due dates for the Rome Project. Please see the bright green handout for more information.

Week of November 6th

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend! Hard to believe it’s already November!

 A Few Reminders:

Wednesday 11/8: Topics should be chosen for Project Week

 Friday 11/10 : No school in recognition of Veteran’s Day

 Thursday 11/16: Music Concert at Higley Performing Arts Center


A Look at Content:

 English Language Arts: We will continue reading Little House on the Prairie and The Wind in the Willows. Students will practice classifying sentences and writing summaries using these stories. Vocabulary will continue to be tested on Mondays. Please expect vocabulary homework on Thursdays.

Math: Review word problems and multiplication/division strategies

Science: Identify and explain the three types of muscles in the Muscular System.

 History: Continue studying gods and goddesses of the Roman Empire and begin the study of the Roman social structure.


 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



Miss Bowers

Week of October 30th

Important reminders:


Monday:  Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday:  Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Character Day – Please ensure that you have turned in your request.  If a student attends school in an unapproved costume, they may be required to call home for a change of clothes.  Reminder, costumes should be literary in nature and pop culture is not allowed.

Wednesday:  Early release – normal clubs and Athanaeum.

Thursday:  Normal day

Friday:  Early release – no clubs only Athanaeum.  Teachers will be attending an In-Service training.


Language arts:  In ELA we will continue working on the Wind in the Willows, Little House on the Prairie, and will focus on writing complete sentences with an emphasis on parts of speech.


Vocabulary will be tested every Monday. Please study the words and definitions daily. On Thursdays we will have specific vocabulary homework in regards to taking apart the vocabulary for specific context.


Math:  In Math, we continue to review math facts and relate multiplication to division.  We are also exploring one step and two step problems.


Science:  This week in Science we will continue our study of body systems with the muscular system.


History:  This week in History we will be exploring pre-Christian Roman religion.  We will be looking at how the daily lives of the Ancient Romans was shaped by their belief systems.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Miss Bowers

Week of October 23rd

We  enter our first full week of Quarter 2 ready to learn about:
a. Ancient Rome in History.
b. The human body in Science.
c. Multiplication and Division (facts only) in Math.
d. Little House on the Prairie, The Wind in the Willows, writing summaries and learning       new vocabulary words.
Coming up:
a.) The Tree poem recitation will be on October 31st. Please ensure your scholar is practicing reciting the poem.
b.) Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Character Day on October 31st. The goal is for the students to dress up like a character from literature. No pop culture (Harry Potter, Star Wars) is permitted. We will be sending home those approved permission slips beginning Monday.
We still have two recess breaks for the hard working scholars. The only change that has occurred is that now two days a week, each class (in their 2 class groups) have access to the playground equipment after lunch. This means that the morning recess for 3C and 3D has changed times. 3A and 3B remain the same. All classes have recess together on Wednesdays on the field.
Our team is now grading participation using the SLANT rubric. These evaluations will go home every two weeks in the Black Graded Work folder.

CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1
Sit up Student consistently sits in the scholarly position,  demonstrating all four requirements. (Head High, Feet Flat, Back Straight, Hands folded)


Student sits in the scholarly position, demonstrating at least three of the four parts. (Head High, Feet Flat, Back Straight, Hands Folded) Student sits in the scholarly position, but only demonstrates two of the four requirements.  (Head High, Feet Flat, Back Straight, Hands Folded) Student inconsistently sits in the scholarly position.

(Head High, Feet Flat, Back Straight, Hands Folded)

Student does not sit in the scholarly position.

(Head High, Feet Flat, Back Straight, Hands Folded)

Listen Politely Student listens carefully to others, waits patiently for a turn to speak, and is respectful of other points of view. Student listens to others, does not interrupt and generally accepts other points of view. Student listens to others, rarely interrupts, but does not indicate if they agree or disagree with a point of view. Student typically does not listen to others, interrupts frequently and/or is rude and intolerant of other points of view. Student is off task when others are speaking, including drawing, playing in desk.
Ask and Answer Questions Student takes an active role, (without prompting), in classroom discussions, contributing relevant and insightful comments as well as posing thoughtful questions. Student willingly participates in classroom discussions, offering useful and relevant comments. Student responds to teacher prompts during classroom discussions, but seldom volunteers. Comments are sometimes not relevant to the discussion. Student comments indicate little understanding of the topic being discussed. Student may or may not willingly respond to teacher prompts during classroom discussions, and never volunteers. Comments are seldom relevant to the discussion.
Nods for Understanding Student consistently demonstrates understanding (nodding, agreement signals) Student sometimes demonstrates understanding (nodding, agreement signals) Student is inconsistent about demonstrating understanding. Student demonstrates understanding only a fraction of the time. Student does not demonstrate understanding during class.
Track the Speaker Student maintains eye contact with whomever is speaking during classroom conversations. Student mostly maintains eye contact with whomever is speaking during classroom conversations. Student sometimes maintains eye contact with whomever is speaking during classroom conversations. Student rarely maintains eye contact with whomever is speaking during classroom conversations. Student does not maintain eye contact with whomever is speaking during classroom conversations.

Please email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Week of October 2nd

I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weekend! This is going to be a wonderful week as we are able to have our class field trip to Odysea Aquarium and our class celebration for Pinocchio.

A few tips for the field trip:

  1. Make sure students bring a packed lunch (we will eat in our classroom when we return to campus- about 12:00)
  2. Students are required to wear their uniform
  3. Make sure students are here by 8am (we will be leaving around 8:30)

Coming out this week will be information regarding our parent teacher conferences. I have already created a page on this blog that explains how to sign up. Please sign up at your convenience to get a slot that works best for you. It would be greatly appreciated to have everyone in attendance as we discuss your child’s progress.

The Read-A-Thon has started! Please make sure to have students document their reading and create sponsors as funds go to the building of our school library. Friday was the kick-off and it will go until October 31st. There are specific prizes for students to receive as they reach certain goals. If you were unable to attend on Friday, your child will be coming home tomorrow with their login information.

Shout out to our class liaisons for setting up the Pinocchio celebration and for taking the time to decorate our class bulletin and door. We really appreciate you 🙂

A look at this week:

English Language Arts

Grammar: We will be reviewing parts of speech and sentence parcing

Literature: We will continue working on making connections using text to self, text to text, and text to world

Writing: We will continue working on paragraph formation

Science: We will be working on animal classification with an emphasis on fish (leading into our field trip)

History: We will have a science focus this week due to the field trip

Math: We will be reviewing concepts from this quarter in order to accommodate specific students needs.

Please email me if you have any questions about events happening this week 🙂

Week of September 25th

Early Release on Friday

We have an early release for Teacher In Service on Friday of this week.

Absences and Missed Work

If you know that your child is going to miss instruction time in the classroom, we appreciate it when you let us know via email. However, it is not always possible for us to compile work that your child will miss. Sometimes this is due to the type of lesson, but sometimes it is due to the time constraints of the day.

If your child’s teacher does compile work for your child, it is purely courtesy, as this is not required by our school policies. If your child’s teacher is unable to compile the work, your child may catch up on the work upon his return to school, with the appropriate deductions made in the case of an unexcused absence. In the case of an excused absence, as many days of grace will be given as there were days of absence.

Please note:

  • Receipt of advance work does not necessarily constitute an excused absence.
  • Excused absences are given for sickness or bereavement and can be granted only by our administrative staff, not teachers.
  • Parents who are volunteering on campus may not come to their child’s classroom to request work in advance of an absence.

For more information about absences and requests for missed work, please refer to our Family Handbook.

English Language Arts

Literature: We will be learning about making connections in a text using the following models:  text to text, text to world, text to self.

Writing: This week we are learning how to edit a peer’s writing.  This includes how to give compliments and how to criticize another’s work constructively.

Grammar: We will discuss simple and complete subjects, simple and complete predicates.


In History, we begin our study of Rome.  This begins with the myth of Romulus and Remus.  This is a very important unit for 3rd Grade.  The Rome unit culminates during Project Week with student presentations.


This week in Math we will be continuing with bar models by applying them to word problems.  We will be reviewing this unit for the rest of the week and completing an assessment late in the week.


This week in Science we will continue our study of classification of animals and vertebrates.  Specifically, we will be exploring the characteristics of birds.

Have a great weekend!

~Miss Bowers